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Since 2007, our family business has been an opportunity for us to be part of the mission of a healthy herbal and lifestyle treatment.
We offer Natural herbal Infisions and Mono Herbs. Our range include also various fruits, leaves, blossoms, roots and spices.

The online store for herbs is distinguished by its variety - over 500 kinds of quality and aromatic herbs with unique healing properties, over 3000 food supplements, over 200 tinctures, natural herbal cosmetics, Boiron homeopathy, Schuessler salts, Bach remedies and many others medicinal plants and products. Many of our herbs and products are imported by ourselves, thereby ensuring excellent quality at excellent prices.

We are official distributors of Bioherba R, we also work with established companies from the very beginning. We do not allow ourselves to sell low quality herbs and products. We keep our counterparties so that our customers always have a choice of price, according to their financial capability. That is why we have many regular customers. Come to us and you will find yourself. If you have any comments about us, we will be glad to share with us to stay the best herbal pharmacy to keep up-to-date according to your needs.

Be healthy! The Team of Herb Ltd