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Privacy statement

Herb Ltd. guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data of its clients, declaring that they will not be used for any purpose other than their purpose, namely: establishing contact with the customer in specifying the details of the order and the ways of its delivery and payment. The personal information provided by the customer is also used by company employees to issue an invoice and guarantee for the product purchased. We declare that we will not intentionally disclose or pass on to third parties personal information about the visitors and authors of the publications on the this web site site if they do not wish to do so. By entering each of the pages of the site you are on, you declare that you accept your personal data to be used on our site for the purpose of better commercial service and fulfillment of your product search request or your order and purchase. Your personal data will be stored by us for 2 years, or as required by the NRA or other government agencies for our specific activity. If you would like your personal data to be deleted from our database, please contact us using the contact form, e-mail or phone number specified in Contacts and give us confirmation of your wish.

We declare that we respect your personal data. We want to inform you how we use your personal information and the information you provide. This statement is available from our homepage and at the bottom of every page on this site.

We collect and use personal information to understand your needs and interests and to serve you better. In addition to the information you provide to us, we may also collect information during your visit to our site through automated information collection tools that include cookies, links, pages and other commonly used information collection tools.
The information we collect to understand your needs and interests helps us make your visit consistent and personalized. For example, we may use your information to:

* help with filling an order;
* inform about products or services;
* provide services and support;
* notify of new services or other benefits;
* provide personalized promotional offers;
* choose content to show to you;

Terms of Use for Personal Information and Copyright

1. The information published on this site - this web site is for informational purposes only and cannot replace consultation with a specialist in the field.

2. The pages of the "site" contain links to other sites that we consider useful as sources of information or services. We cannot control the content of these sites and do not accept any responsibility for the content of such sites, as well as for the products, services and other parts offered through these sites. If any of the links published in “ this web site” leads to a site with content that is of concern to you, please let us know at: this web site

3. Articles, analyzes and other texts from external sources are published on the site. We want to note that we strictly respect copyright. If any of the pages contain material that you have concerns about its right to be published on this site, please let us know at:

4. The administration of this web site allows the publication on other sites or printed editions of our copyrighted articles, texts or parts of them, if the source of information is explicitly stated - this web site with an active link to it, as and the name and email address (if any) of the author of the text or the translation. Use of the information from the site in sources outside the Internet (print media, television, radio, etc.) is allowed only if the source of the information is explicitly stated: this web site.

We explicitly state that the above permission does not apply to electronic, print and other publications containing information or services that infringe upon the rights of persons regarding their religious, gender, ethnic or other affiliation, and adult sites. Please let us know if you notice a reference to this web site or the publication of material from a site with similar content.

5. The administration of the site may use (or not use) at its own discretion any information and materials sent to the site - including to reproduce, distribute, translate, publish, edit, pass on to third parties, etc., if explicitly no other condition for sending certain information to the site this web site is mentioned.

The users of the site are obliged to comply with the Bulgarian copyright law and other laws and regulations regarding the use of the Internet.

6. We declare that we will not intentionally disclose or pass on to third parties personal information about the visitors and authors of the publications on the site this web site if they do not wish to do so.

7. Design, including graphics, trademarks, photo materials and other visual materials published on the pages of this web site, as well as databases and scripts are copyrighted and the authors of the site prohibit their copying and any use. They are the property of the authors of the site or of other natural and legal persons.

8. In connection with the above items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, we hereby inform that we do not accept responsibility for any damages that the visitor of the site this web site may receive in connection with the use of the information or services of site.

9. The site administration may change these terms and conditions, which may be done at any time and without prior or subsequent notice to site visitors.

10. By entering each of the pages of the site this web site you declare that you accept and will abide by these conditions. If you do not accept them for any reason, please leave our site immediately.