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General Terms

General Terms and Conditions

1. Confidentiality of personal data

Herb Ltd. guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data of its clients, declaring that they will not be used for any purpose other than their purpose, namely: establishing contact with the customer in specifying the details of the order and the ways of its delivery and payment. The personal information provided by the customer is also used by company employees to issue an invoice and guarantee for the product purchased. We declare that we will not intentionally disclose or pass on to third parties personal information about the visitors and authors of the publications on the Web Site site if they do not wish to do so. By entering each of the pages of the site you are on, you declare that you accept your personal data to be used on our site for the purpose of better commercial service and fulfillment of your product search request or your order and purchase. Your personal data will be stored by us for 2 years, or as required by the NRA or other government agencies for our specific activity. If you would like your personal data to be deleted from our database, please contact us using the contact form, e-mail or phone number specified in Contacts and give us confirmation of your wish.

2. Consent to purchase

The beginning of the commercial relationship between the consumer and Herb Ltd begins upon the sending of the order by the consumer, namely: after filling in the required personal or company data, agreeing with the general conditions for the sale and purchase of goods from Web Site and pressing the "ORDER" or "BUY" button.

3. Start an order

The execution of the order begins upon acquaintance with the order by an employee of the company. If the order is shipped on a non-business day or outside business hours, but within a business week, then its execution will commence accordingly: at the beginning of the next business week or the next business day. If the value of the ordered goods changes in the period between sending the order and starting it, the customer pays the goods at the price at which he ordered it.

4. Cancellation of an order

4.1. The client has the right to cancel his contract for the order up to 14 days from the date of the written request by e-mail or in physical medium / paper /.

4.2. Purchased goods must be returned in their original packaging, unsealed, fully completed and in good commercial order, as described by the manufacturer within 14 days of requesting the cancellation of the contract in writing by mail or paper, as costs for return are at the expense of the buyer and are formed on the basis of the service provided by the method of return chosen by the buyer - courier service or personal return.
Return address: Sofia, 1618, Krasno selo, BL181, Herb Ltd Warehouse

4.3. If the seller is unable to provide the customer with the goods ordered, he is obliged to provide an alternative one by customer choice. Or seller can refund the amount paid, if the amount has already been paid by the buyer. The amount paid by the cardholder under item shall be reimbursed at the choice of the customer by choosing another product or refunding the whole / partial amount only with a credit transaction on the card with which it was paid.

5. Breakage Claim

Claims regarding the breakage of goods purchased shall be accepted only if they are made upon receipt of the shipment, in the presence of a courier, especially in the case of breakage of products in the shipment, whereby the courier describes the complaint in a protocol. In the case of damaged goods, we will refund the value of the damaged products by delivery at our expense.

Claims may also be made within 1 business day of receipt of the shipment by courier when the claim relates to the shelf life of the product. The company is committed to recording claims in the relevant register in accordance with Article 127 (2) of the Public Procurement Act.

6. You can pay for ordered products in the following ways:

Online card payments: The payment is made as soon as the order is completed via encrypted connection. We offer different card payment methods as:, Borica - Bulgaria and Other methods.
A modern and easy payment method that allows you to easily and quickly pay for your purchases by card.

Your purchases are also protected by the European Union Consumer Protection Regulation.

7. Disclaimer

7.1/ Product descriptions provide guidelines for product action. The site and / or the company are not responsible for self-medication or misuse of the products / non-compliance with the instructions, overdose, misuse of the product /.

7.2/ The Website is not responsible for any technical errors in the text or prices of the website. If any, they are inadvertent and due to technical errors.

7.3/ Dear visitors of the site, we receive from you numerous questions related to your health, diagnosis and methods of treatment. Unfortunately, we cannot advise you online about your health. This can be done after examination by the appropriate specialists. It is important to know that self-medication carries risks to your health, so consult your trusted physician, herbalist, homeopath or other specialist before beginning basic or complementary treatments with natural remedies, nutritional supplements, or other products. Particular care is required in the treatment of children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

8. Company details

Herb Ltd
TIN BG160095484
Bulgaria, 1618 Sofia,
3 Dechko Yordanov Str
Herbal Pharmacy Herb Ltd
Drugstore License 4007-1 IAL
Food Production License 42117
Return of goods address:
Bulgaria, Sofia 1618,
Krasno selo, BL181, Herb Ltd