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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Check website legalityWe are a legitimate pharmacy, licensed for online sales
Permission 4007-1 from the BDA Bulgaria - EU for sale on the internet

  • We have chosen to be competitive, to work for us and for you.

  • We produce herbs and products and make them profitable.

  • We import herbs and products and offer them cheaply.

  • We choose brands that we offer profitable.

  • We sell a lot and at the lowest prices!

Are you a legitimate company? Can I trust you?

Yes, we are a legitimate, physically existing pharmacy with permit no. 4007-1 from the Ministry of Health for the sale of medicines, herbs, supplements, cosmetics, etc. You can rest assured that the products you buy are stored in excellent hygiene, with the right temperature and control by our monitoring bodies. We are not just a shop or drugstore like most online stores - we are a Drugstore. More information about the company can be found in the Contacts section.

What if I'm not happy with the service?

We offer excellent service and will endeavor to satisfy you. If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to contact you at to try to meet your expectations.

Can I return the products received?

Yes, our company Herbs Ltd. takes care of its customers, 100% guaranteeing to its clients the opportunity to return unopened packages of non-food products in good commercial form to the sender at: Bulgaria, Sofia 1618, Krasno selo, BL181, Herb Ltd, with an Invoice copy, of the value of the returned products. Please understand that the cost of returning the products is at the expense of the customer who returns the products in accordance with European law.
Please note that foods, supplements, teas cannot be returned under the European Consumer Law as this poses a risk to the health of consumers.

Are the products on the site legitimate, certified?

Yes, our company Herb Ltd. offers only legitimate products, both nutritional and cosmetic, other tipe of products. We import products and offer products to over 500 importers and produsers and Trademarks for Bulgaria. We have an online marketing permit that guarantees you that the company is controlled by the relevant agencies.

Attention when treating yourself!

Dear visitors of our web site, we receive from you numerous questions related to your health, diagnosis and methods of treatment. Unfortunately, we cannot advise you online about your health. This can be done after examination by the appropriate specialists. It is important to know that self-medication carries risks to your health, so consult your trusted physician, herbalist, homeopath or other specialist before beginning basic or complementary treatments with natural remedies, nutritional supplements, or other products. Particular care is required in the treatment of children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

If you would like to share your observations, opinions and questions about herbs, health products or other topics, you can comment on each product if you have an registration. Please note that the site does not tolerate false information, defamation, unproven allegations, unlawful acts, insults and crude treatment and reserves the right to edit your comments, which you agree to when posting them.