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Drops of Bach, Bach flower, Fears, 20 ml

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  • Manufacturer: Bioherba R
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Drops of Bach, Bach flower, Fears, 20 ml

Drops of Bach elixir is designed for those who constantly worry or fear certain things. It helps you to regain courage, confidence, improves internal peace and sanity.

Ingredients: Original biobrendi (99.6%) 40% vol, and extracts of wild flowers 0.4% (1/250): Mimulos, Cherry Plum, whiplash, heather, aspen, red horse chestnut, Heliantum.

How to use: Dissolve 4 drops of the elixir into a glass of water or 12 drops of the potion in a bottle of 1 liter. Use as often as needed.


Price: €7.42

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