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BLACK WALNUT tincture, extract, Juglans nigrum 100ml 100% VEGAN

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BLACK WALNUT tincture, extract, Juglans nigrum 100ml
Directions: A natural product for detoxification of the digestive system and the entire body.  Anti-parasite action. 
Ingredients: 1ml contains 1 ml of tincture 1:5 equivalent to 250 mg of of black walnut hull. Ethanol 66% Vol. Nonprescription. 
Directions: one hour after meals, best administered at bedtime. Administration scheme: On the 1st day take 1 drop in 100 ml of water. On the 2nd day take 2 drops, thus  increasing the quantity every day by one drop up to the 5th day (5 drops). On the 6th day take the equivalent of your weight in kilograms (60 to 90 drops in 200 ml of water). After the 6th day take 30-60 drops once a week as prophylaxis. Keep taking the product until you use up the whole bottle or as you consider appropriate. 
Precautions: If you have any thyroid condition or you are taking some medication, please, consult your physician or naturopath. 
Price: €16.14
List Price: €16.99
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: €16.14
List Price: €16.99
Discount: €0.85 (5.00%)

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