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General Conditions

Terms and conditions  
1. Privacy policy
HERB Ltd ensure confidentiality of personal data of its customers, declaring that they will not be used for other than its intended purposes, namely: establishing contact with the customer to specify details about the ways of its delivery and payment. Personal data provided by the customer for use by employees of the company and for the invoice and warranty of the purchased product. 
2. Purchase Agreement 
Beginning of the business relationship between the consumer and HERB Ltd started the dispatch of the contract by the user, namely: after completing the required personal or company data agree with the terms of sale of goods from HERB Ltd and pressing the "send". 
3. Starting Order 
Contract performance begins with getting acquainted with her ​​by an employee of the company. If the order is sent to us for working day or outside working hours, but within the week, it will begin its implementation, respectively, at the beginning of next week or the next working day. Any change in the value of goods ordered between sending the contract and its launch, the client pays the goods at the price at which it ordered. 
4. Order Cancellation 
4.1. The customer may cancel the order in writing by e-mail option. 
4.2. Purchased goods must be returned in original packaging, unopened, with full kit as described by the manufacturer within 15 business days of the payment and the cost of return shall be borne by the purchaser. 
4.3. Failing the seller to provide the customer ordered products shall provide such alternative or disagreement to recover the amount paid. 
4.4. Paid by the customer will be reimbursed by the recovery of the amount only by credit card operation, with which it is paid. 
5. Reclamation 
Returns on purchased goods will be accepted if they are made on receipt of the consignment in the presence of the courier, especially in case of breakage in the consignment, to the messenger describes the claim in the report. Returns can be done within 1 working day after receipt of the shipment by courier when the claim relates to the life of the product. The company is committed to recording complaints in the register under Article 127 paragraph 2 of the CPA. 
6.European Union ODR
1. The information posted on this site - the site you have is only for informational purposes and can not replace a consultation with a specialist in the field.
2. The "site" pages contain links to other sites that seem useful to us as sources of information or services. We can not control the content of these sites and accept no responsibility for the content of such sites as well as for the products, services and other parts offered through these sites. If any of the links posted on the "site" lead to a site with content that is worrying about you, please let us know at the mailing addresses listed in the Contacts section.
3. Articles, analyzes and other texts from external sources are published on the site. We want to note that we strictly respect copyright. If any material you have concerns about the right to be posted on this site is published, please let us know at the mailing addresses listed in the Contacts section.
4. The administration of your site allows you to publish on other sites or prints of our author's articles, texts, or parts thereof, if the source of the information - with which you have an active link to it - and the name and email address (if any) of the author of the text or the author's translation. Use of site information in sources outside of the Internet (print, TV, radio, etc.) is only allowed if the source of the information is explicitly indicated: the name of the site where you are located and where the information is taken from.
We expressly declare that the above permission does not apply to electronic, printed and other publications containing information or services that violate the rights of people regarding their religious, sexual, ethnic or other identities, as well as adult sites. Please let us know if you notice the reference to a site you are in or the publication of materials from a site with similar content.
5. The Administration of the Site may use (or not to use) at its sole discretion any information and material sent to the Site - including reproducing, distributing, translating, publishing, editing, transmitting to third parties, etc., there is no other condition for sending certain information to your site.
The users of the site undertake to comply with the Bulgarian copyright legislation and other laws and regulations concerning the use of the Internet.
6. Declare that we will not deliberately or disclose to third parties personal information about visitors and authors of the publications on the site you are in if they do not wish to do so.
7. Design, including graphics, trademarks, photographic materials, and other visuals posted on your site, as well as databases and scripts, are copyrighted and authors of the site prohibit their copying and any type of use. They are the property of the authors of the site or of other natural and legal persons.
8. In connection with the above mentioned items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, we acknowledge that we are not responsible for any damages that the visitor may have to any site you are in relation to the use of the information or services on the site .
9. Site Administration may change these terms and conditions, and this may be done at any time and without prior notice or notice to site visitors.
10. By entering each of the pages on your site you declare that you accept and comply with these terms and conditions. If you do not accept them for any reason, we ask you to immediately leave our site
11. By entering each of the pages on your site you declare that you agree that your personal data will be used by our site in order to better serve you commercially and execute your product search request or your request order and purchase. Your personal data will be stored by us for 1 year and 6 months, or according to the requirements of the NRA vis-à-vis our specific activity. If you would like your personal data to be deleted from our database, please contact us at the contact or email address and provide us with a confirmation of your wish.