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Trestan Nettle Shampoo, 500ml

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TRESTAN, NETTLE Shampoo, 500ml
PH: 5.5 for normal and oily hair Nettle is a natural source of essential trace elements, and silicium with high bioavailability and easily absorbing form.The silicium is a vital mineral that promotes healthy hair and skin and provides protection from hair loss.PH-neutral, does not destroy the acid balance of the scalp. With a high percentage of active herbal ingredients to be effective. No artificial colorings. Leaves fresh feeling and pleasant feeling of "living" hair.The shampoo regulates the natural balance of oils and increases the retention of moisture in the hair and scalp. Nourishes and stimulates the growth.The hair is healthy, shiny and smooth.

Manufactured by: ASAM Gmbh

Price: €8.59

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