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Flavor of Love!

Ancient scent that attracts peace and love! Erotic stimulator who gives strength, tenderness and warmth!

Receive: water distillation color Cananga odorata var. genuine / Unona odorantissimum.

Appearance: slightly tekucho with a slight orange tint or zhaltovatm.

Major components of the composition: farnesol, nerolidol, eugenol, isoeugenol, geranol, linalool, safrole, ilangol, pinene, benzene, kadinen, caryophyllene, cresol, cytokinins.

Aromatic bouquet: prazdnichen, warm, sweet and airy, with bonobnen flattering shade.

Complementary flavors: lime, rosewood, pepper, pine, fir, cedar, cypress, bergamot, rose, verbena.

Therapeutic class: adaptogen. Aphrodisiac.

Key Action: optimize hemodynamics. Smoothing, sanding epidermis. Strengthened, polished nails and hair. Removes air dermatitis, stress reactions. Aphrodisiac.

Unusual information and historical facts: fragrance medeneiya month and the beginning of sexual relations. Develop personal immediacy and removes inferiority complex. Increases elasticity of the bust. Restores the harmony of family life helps overcome conflict situations.

Psycho-emotional impact: Removes astheno-depressive syndrome, feelings of insecurity, distrust, anxiety, night terrors in children. Rescued from the consequences of stress and shock effects (nervousness, irritability, kardionevrozi, sleep disturbances). Extends the memory.

Cosmetic use: rejuvenates, smoothes, evens, polished skin, reducing the depth of wrinkles and pores. Eliminate segregation and brittle nails. Strengthens and stimulates the growth of hair, restoring damaged (from chemicals, UV, seawater) keratin layer. Deodorizes, means Intimate cosmetics. Has a lifting effect and increases elasticity of the bust. Stimulates the synthesis of melanin, secured acquired tan. Relieves irritation in air dermatitis.

Healing properties: eases breathing and obstructive spastic removes effects normalized condition of broncho-pulmonary system after suffering inflammation, cough relieving the smoker. Has antioxidant and anti sclerosis. Eliminates migraine headaches, bouts of vegetativnosadovi vasomotor reactions and disorders. Optimize blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure and rhythm of cardiac contractility. Antispasmodic, relieves cramps and spasms, including diaphragmatic (hiccups), and pain (colic, trauma). Anoreksigen - reduces the overwhelming thrust to food. Relieves the course of menopause, relieves algodismenoreya (painful menstruation), PMS, frigidity, inflammation of the urogenital area. Erotic stimulator promotes sexual longevity.

Application in the home: for deodorization of ice cream, tea, red and white wine.

Methods of application and dosages medium *:

Important: Before use, test the individual tolerability.

Aromalampa: 3-7 drops of 15 square meters;
Inhalation: hot (3-5 minutes) - 1 drop, cold: 2-4 minutes;
Aroma Pendant: 1 drop;
Gargle: 1 drop of 0.5 teaspoons emulsifier (soda salt, copper) of a cup of hot water;
Baths: general - 4-7 drops, hot seating - 2-4 drops;
Massage 5-6 drops per 10 ml transport base (alcohol base oil);
Erotic massage and intimate cosmetics: 7 drops of 15 ml basis (macadamia oil, jojoba);
Compression: hot oil - the area of pain, cramps, colic (7-8 drops per 10 ml of base oil);
Enrichment of cosmetics: 5-6 drops per 5ml base;
Rejuvenating and regenerating mask: 3-5 drops per 5 ml of jojoba oil or grape seed;
Compress for skin irritation, dermatitis weather: hot water compresses (per 100 ml of warm water 3-4 drops of ylang-ylang) - soaked and squeezed multilayer gauze for 3-5 minutes to have the problem area;
Beauty Ice: 4-6 drops mixed with honey or cosmetic milk (1 teaspoon) diluted in 200 ml of water and portioned to freeze. Frayed face, neck, décolleté area morning and evening;
Interior applications: Add honey, jam (5 drops per 100 ml) is prieima 1 tsp mixture of 1-4 times daily. Then, green tea drink, juice;
Polishing nails: Apply a cuticle and nail plate in pure form, rubbed (to strengthen not necessarily remove the varnish);
Aromarazresvane: Apply the crest.

Safety measures and subjective sensations: when applied to the skin causes a sensation of heat, light pobotskvane (for damaged skin is possible transient hyperemia) within 3-5 minutes. The reaction is natural.

Storage: Protect from direct sunlight cool place. Keep away from children and open flame. Shelf life under the seal packing - over 5 years.

* These actions, methods of administration and dosage are exclusive to the essential oils of STYX, determined by their purity, quality and origin.

Manufacturer: STYX Naturcosmetic GMBH


Price: €27.50

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