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Aroma of Creation!

Removes the "scars" of past energy shell. Rid of complexes, heal the pain of abuse, failures, disappointments, dreams revived, gives peace. Forms the ideal body odor.

Receive: water-steam distillation of Lavandula officinalis.

Appearance: light, finely tekucho colorless.

Major components of the composition: tuyen, myrcene, linalool, pinene, camphene, oktenoli, octanol, octanol, butilbutirat, hexyl, cement, quads, cineole, ocimene, terpinene, sabinenhidrat, linalooloksidi, oktilatsetati, camphor, borneol, lavandulol, terpinenoli, heksilbutirat , linalyl acetate, bornyl acetate, lavandulilatsetat, geranilatsetat, caryophyllene, farnesene, germacrene, kadinen, kariofilenoksid, kadinol.

Aromatic bouquet: pure, clear, misty with freshness, bubbling-cool, soft-wood.

Complementary flavors: peace, myrtle (myrrh), cloves, cinnamon, citronella, cypress, juniper, fir cones, geranium, rose, patchouli, shalfey, rosemary.

Therapeutic class: relaxant.

Key Action: Lymphatic drainage, cooling, recovery, immunomodulating, bradikinazno effective in dermatitis of different genesis.

Unusual information and historical facts: aroma-abstractionist, removes personal interest, subjective view of the course of events. Develop psychological qualities such as objectivity and fairness. Ambulance on a sunny and heatstroke. Lavender trim and compresses were used successfully against mastitis.

Psycho-emotional impact: Removes agitation, fatigue, insomnia, neurosis, manic-depression. Quickly extinguish bouts of aggression helps to avoid conflict situations. Removes crying, hysterical reactions. Remove the effects of excessive use of nicotine and alcohol.

Cosmetic use: refreshes, cools the skin, has expressed bradikinazno-inflammatory, detoxicating action. Removes dermatitis, including non-specific (individual nepenosimost to cosmetics). Effective in neurodermatitis. Antikuperozno. Burn (thermal, UV, chemical, mechanical). Updated, regenerates the skin, removes keratoses, hyperemia, irritation, flaking. Effectively reverse the inflammatory reactions of sensitive skin. Liquidate the reactions of salicylates and barbiturates. Means of acclimatization of the skin. Restores damaged hair, eliminates dandruff and alopecia (hair loss). Deodorizes, used for strengthening and polishing nails.

Healing properties: analgesic, antispasmodic, anti sclerosis (eliminates migraine headaches, blood pressure lability). Effective in vasomotor disorders - dizziness, nausea, motion sickness. Protivoprostudno, immunomodulatory, anti-cough bronhodrenirashto removes components of asthmatic inflammation. Relieves pain, swelling, inflammation, angina, otitis. Removes rhinitis. Increases endurance and the body's resistance. Removes reactive tachycardia and arrhythmia, optimize circulation. Clears. Normalize digestion, slightly zhelchegonno. Angioprotektorno - not allow the development of varicose veins and cuperosis. Relieves pain down otochnost neuritis, neuralgia, arthritis, myositis. Removes muscle cramps, hiccups, nervous tic. Protivotravmatichno (against wounds, bruises). Protivootochnoto and diuretic effect combined with anti-inflammatory in cystitis, urethritis and Kolpino. Means for intimate cosmetics. Helps with PMS. Removes inflammation of the use of diapers for children. Antidote to nicotine and alcohol.

Use at home: anti moths to flavor linen, as an additive in water to rinse and dry. Displays oil stains from clothing.

Methods of application and dosages medium *:

Important: Before use, test the individual tolerability.

Aromalampa: 5-7 drops of 15 square meters;
Inhalation: hot (3-5 minutes) - 1 drop, cold: 2-3 minutes;
Aroma Pendant: 1 drop;
In the sauna and steam bath: 4-6 drops lavender 1 session;
Gargle: 1 drop of 0.5 teaspoons emulsifier (soda salt, copper) of a cup of hot water;
Baths: general - 5-8 drops, hot seating - 2-3 drops;
Massage: 5-7 drops per 10 ml transport base;
Compression: hot oil - the area of trauma, inflammation, pain (7 drops to 10ml base oil);
Nasal drops: 2-3 drops 4 tsp oil hypericin, was drip 3-4 drops into each nostril every 60-90 minutes;
Enrichment of cosmetics: 3-4 drops per 5ml base;
Intimate cosmetics: 15-17 drops added to 30ml base oil (grapeseed, jojoba, macadamia), applied to the intimate area after a shower;
Topical applications: 15 drops mixed with 30 ml of boiling water, soak and drain the cotton swab having on the area of inflammation, trauma, burn;
Wound wash: 2% solution of lavender (30 drops of 0.5 teaspoon baking soda were diluted in 100 ml of pure water);
Intimate shower: 7 drops are applied to the 1/2 tsp baking soda, diluted in warm boiled water (300 ml), made lavage;
Beauty Ice: 5-6 drops mixed with honey or cosmetic milk (1 teaspoon) diluted in 200 ml of water and freeze portions. Frayed face, neck, décolleté area morning and evening;
Internal use: additive, honey, jam (4-5 drops per 100 ml) Take 1 tsp mixture of 1-4 times daily. After taking drunk a large amount of acidified water, yogurt, kefir, juice;
Repellent 15 drops mixed with 50 ml of base oil body milk or tonic, applied uniformly exposed areas of the body;
Refreshing rub: mix 50 ml brandy 15 drops lavender, wet napkin, squeezed the flesh and areas of increased sweating;
Aromarazresvane: Apply the crest.

Safety measures and subjective sensations: Do not take the background of iodo-and iron preparations. Do not take for anemia. When applied to the skin within 2-3 minutes occurs slightly stinging, feeling, sensitive areas of the skin may occur sense of tension and a rush of blood. The reaction is natural.

Storage: Protect from direct sunlight cool place. Keep children away from open flame. The shelf-life while maintaining the tightness of the package - up to 5 years. The essential oil is very tightly to difficulties with the recovery should be flushed dispenser with vegetable oil and gently heat the bottle.

* These actions, methods of administration and dosage are exclusive to the essential oils of STYX, determined by their purity, quality and origin.

Manufacturer: STYX Naturcosmetic GMBH

Price: €16.50

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