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Fragrance of the knowledge of the Supreme Reality - Jasmine.

King of fragrances!

Woman gives a feeling of a real Queen! Of the mother helps the child gently worn during the whole period of pregnancy. The man - understand female nature and harmonious build relationships with the opposite sex.

Receive: anflyorazh and extraction Jasminum officinale.

Appearance: thick, dense, volatile, colored tea and coffee.

Major components of the composition: benzyl acetate, linalool, linalyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, indole, methyl anthranilate, eugenol, vanillin, zhasmon, zhasminlakton.

Aromatic bouquet: low, thick honey-colored, balsamic-ambrovi, one long and slow, with a hint of ozone.

Complementary scents: verbena, lemon, lime, pepper.

Therapeutic class: relaxant. Aphrodisiac.

Key Action: rejuvenation, erotic stimulation, care for damaged, irritated skin, removing arterial hypertension.

Unusual information and historical facts: quickly deliver disappointments and emotional setbacks, helps a person to forgive himself failures, restores faith in yourself. Restores voice. At many nations shall be deemed jasmine not only relieves the course of pregnancy, but also improves the "mutual understanding" between the mother and the child is in the womb (removes excess excitation, "Reta" of the fetus). Recent studies report high antioxidant, anticancer and radioprotective activity of jasmine.

Psycho-emotional effects: sedative, soothing. Induces deep relaxation, balance and serenity. Saves from pessimism, dark thoughts, waiting for failures. Gives confidence. Antidepressant. Approve pragmatism in mind, allowing a person to perceive the world the way it is

Cosmetic use: ideal tool for care and regeneration of thin, dry, hypersensitive skin. Removes dryness, irritation, stress reactions. Refreshes, rejuvenates, tightens the skin, restores homogeneous color. Eliminate premenstrual rashes. Effective in dry eczema, nonspecific dermatitis. Remedy for burns. As a "Band-Aid" protects the skin from irritation makeup and color cosmetics (eg for Models and akteri). Eliminates stretch marks and rubtsi.

Healing properties: has antispasmodic, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti sclerosis effect. Effective in hypertension (normal blood pressure). Removes laryngitis, prehripvane, collapse, loss of voice. Effective in sclerotic changes of the broncho-pulmonary system. Cropped bouts of osteochondrosis, myositis, neuralgia. Normal hormonal background, optimizing the synthesis of insulin, thyroxine, triodtironin increases cortisol and sex hormones. Strengthens immunity. Optimize endocrine system (endocrine) removes algodismenoreya (painful menstruation), PMS, salpingooforiti, frigidity, impotence. Contribute to the slight leakage beremennostta. Erotic stimulator which removes sexual coldness and powerlessness.

Application in the home: for deodorization of tea, white wine.

Methods of application and dosages medium *:

Important: Before use, test the individual tolerability.

Aromalampa: 2-3 drops of 15 square meters;
Inhalation: hot (3-5 minutes) - 1 drop, cold: 1-2 minutes;
Aroma Pendant: 1 drop;
Gargle: 1 drop of 0.5 teaspoons emulsifier (soda salt, copper) of a cup of hot water;
Baths: general - 2-4 drops, hot seating - 1-2 drops;
Massage: 3-5 drops per 10 ml transport base (base oil, alcohol);
Erotic massage and intimate cosmetics: 3 drops to 15ml base (macadamia oil, jojoba);
Compression: hot oil - the area of pain (5 drops per 10 ml of base oil);
Enrichment of cosmetics: 1-3 drops per 5ml base;
Rejuvenating and regenerating mask: 3-5 drops per 5 ml of jojoba oil or grape seed;
Ambulance irritated skin burns: applications of clean oil sections with redness and burning;
Washing of wounds: a 2% solution of jasmine (30 drops of 0.5 tsp baking soda diluted in 100 ml of pure water);
Beauty Ice: 2 drops mixed with honey or cosmetic milk (1 teaspoon) diluted in 200 ml of water and portioned to freeze. Frayed face, neck, décolleté area morning and evening;
Interior applications: Add honey, jam (1 drop per 100 ml) Take 1 tsp mixture of 1-4 times per day. After taking to drink green tea, juice;
Aromarazresvane: Apply the crest.

Safety measures and subjective sensations: when hypotension be used with caution. Do not take internally for gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. When applied to the skin causes a feeling of warmth and slight tightness (if the skin has been damaged, immediately disappears burning, stinging), the reaction lasts 3-5 minutes. The reaction is natural.

Storage: Protect from direct sunlight cool place. Keep away from children and open flame. Shelf life under the seal packing - over 5 years.

* These actions, methods of administration and dosage are exclusive to the essential oils of STYX, determined by their purity, quality and origin.

Manufacturer: STYX Naturcosmetic GMBH


Price: €27.50

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