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Flavor - Rehabilitation!

Restores power after a nervous and physical strain. Restores the body after injuries, illnesses and operations!

Receive: water-steam distillation of the buds of Eugenia caryophyllata.

Appearance: slightly tekucho, volatile, colorless.

Major components of the composition: eugenol, atsetevgenol, caryophyllene, α-gumulen.

Aromatic bouquet: spices, woody fresh, soft fruity tinge.

Complementary flavors: grapefruit, juniper, rose, ylang-ylang, shalfey, bergamot, black Peretz.

Therapeutic class: energizing aroma. Aphrodisiac.

Key Action: Removes furunculosis and suppurative skin diseases. Analgesic. Styptic. Perfect for oral care. Cellulite.

Unusual information and historical facts, "ambulance" in solar and heat stroke. Stoicism supports, strengthens the resolve of man "not to give up without a fight." It was commonly used to treat scabies and eliminate bad odor from the mouth. Since ancient times it was used in childbirth to stimulate labor and relief to the mother.

Psycho-emotional impact: energizes, restores strength after a nervous and physical overload. Removes astheno-depression, neuralgia. Increases the amount of active memory. This fragrance is called "student", because It helps to remember large amounts of information. Warm, eliminate tremor. Cropped bouts of hysteria.

Cosmetic Application: care for problem and oily skin, removes bacterial dermatitis, pustular lesions on the skin, obiriv, furunculosis. Blew ranozarastvashto, bactericidal agent. Used to treat skin burns. Has cellulite, lipolytic, and antioxidant obshtopodmladyavashto.

Healing properties: has antibacterial, antiviral, epidemiological action. Eliminate angina, fever, relieves cough bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, smoking. Increases the barrier functions of the immune system. An effective protection from infectious agents that are transmitted by airborne, household contact and oral route. In dentistry is used as an analgesic, as well as inflammation, pulpitis, caries, periodontitis, stomatitis. Facilitate regeneration. Effective tool in common intestinal infections, eliminate diarrhea, vomiting, colic, flatulence, optimize digestion. Powerful astringent. Has antispasmodic, anti sclerosis action against belief, quickly reverse the crisis of blood vessels (dizziness, sudden hypotension, fainting), and diaphragmatic spasms (hiccups). Tool for rehabilitation after injuries, illnesses and operations. Restorative care for severely ill. Strengthens the musculoskeletal system, relieves arthritis, myositis, muscle contractures, myasthenia. Has protivotravmatichno, regenerating action (hematomas, wounds). Sports. Normalizes the menstrual cycle, removes hipomenoreya, increases the tone of the uterus, remove frigidity. Stimulate sexual desire, eliminating sexual weakness and premature ejaculation. Helps a person to quit smoking.

Use at home: repellent against moths, mosquitoes and flies. Removes otochnost and burning after insect bites. In culinary use For the preparation of mulled wine, meat dishes, fish and game.

Methods of application and dosages medium *:

Important: Before use, test the individual tolerability.

Aromalampa: 2-5 drops of 15 square meters;
Inhalation: hot (3-5 minutes) - 1 drop, cold: 2-3 minutes;
Aroma Pendant: 1 drop;
Gargle: 1 drop of 0.5 teaspoons emulsifier (soda salt, copper) of a cup of hot water;
Tamponade: 1-2 drops were applied on the wet cotton pad which is pressed against the patient's tooth for 3-5 minutes;
Baths: general - 3-5 drops, hot seating - 2-3 drops;
Massage, rubbed: 3-5 drops per 10 ml transport base (alcohol base oil);
Compression: warm oil on the area of trauma, pain (5 drops to 10ml base oil);
Erotic massage and intimate cosmetics: 10 drops to 15ml base (macadamia oil or jojoba);
Nasal drops: 2 drops 2-3 tsp St. John's Wort oil dripping 3-4 drops in each nostril every 60-90 minutes;
Enrichment of cosmetics: 1-3 drops per 5ml base;
Local application: 5 drops mixed with 10 drops of oil of St. John's Wort or black cumin, applied to k using a cotton swab spot at the site of inflammation;
Wound wash: 2% solution of the oil of cloves (30 drops were dropped into 0.5 teaspoon baking soda were dissolved in 100 ml of pure water);
Beauty Ice: 2 drops mixed with honey or cosmetic milk (1 teaspoon) diluted in 200 ml of water and portioned to freeze. Frayed face, neck, décolleté area morning and evening;
Interior applications: add honey, sweet (4-5 drops per 100 ml), to take 1 tsp mixture of 1-4 times per day. After use to drink a large amount of acidic water (with lemon, yogurt, tea) to avoid irritation of the lining of the stomach;
Repellent 15 drops mixed with 50 ml of base oil body milk or tonic, apply evenly to exposed areas of the body;
Aromarazresvane: Apply the crest.

Safety measures and subjective feelings: do not use in increased nervous excitability in the first months of pregnancy. Be used with caution in hypertension and in the elderly. Caution should be used when applying to sensitive skin areas. When applied to the skin causes hyperemia, termoreaktsiya burning (2-3 minutes). The reaction is natural.

Storage: Protect from direct sunlight cool place. Keep children away from open flame. The shelf-life while maintaining the tightness of the package - more than 5 years.

* These actions, methods of administration and dosage are exclusive to the essential oils of STYX, determined by their purity, quality and origin.

Manufacturer: STYX Naturcosmetic GMBH


Price: €13.70

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