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SAFFLOWER TEA Carthamus tinctorius, stigma 50g ORGANIC - BIO, American Yellow Saffron

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Safflower Tea, stigma, 50g

Carthamus tinctorius

Action: In Chinese herbal medicine safflower is used to treat stomach tumors, stimulation of menstruation, alleviate the abdominal pain, for the treatment of wounds and ulcers, for the treatment of measles, to induce menstruation. In India with herb treat scabies, arthritis and heart disease. Currently, there is significant research of safflower, which show that the colors can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and reduce cholesterol levels.

Use: Tea - 1 teaspoon flowers brew for 5-10 minutes with 300 ml of boiling water. Drink for 1 day at three times of 100 ml before meals.

Tincture - 25 grams flowers are flooded with 150 ml / 40 to 60 percent / spirit or brandy for 14 days in the dark, shaking periodically. Strain and store in a tightly closed glass bottle of dark glass. Used 20 drops / 1/2 teaspoon / dissolved in 100 ml of water three times a day before meals. If you have a sensitive stomach, use tincture after meals, due to the alcohol.

Warnings: Not for use by pregnant women can cause miscarriage!

Price: €6.98
List Price: €7.35
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: €6.98
List Price: €7.35
Discount: €0.37 (5.00%)

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