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RHUBARB ROOT CUT Rheum rhabarbarum, root 100g

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  • Manufacturer: Herb Ltd
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Rhubarb Root Cut, Rheum rhabarbarum, root 100g

Rheum palmatum L.

Application: Roots, rhizome and leaves are used in chronic constipation primarily as a laxative. The efect takes place 8-10 hours after administration without affecting the function of the stomach and small intestine. Suitable for treatment of constipation in children as it is does not decreases the appetite and dos not impair digestion.

Effect: In small doses rhubarb improves digestion by increasing gastric secretion and tones the muscles of the digestive organs. In larger doses acts laxative or purgative.

Directions: Powdered roots of rhubarb are applied as tonic digestive muscle means in a dose from 0.05 to 0.10 g; as a laxative 0.25 to 0.50 g; and as a purgative agent 1 to 3 g.

Manufactured by: Herb Ltd.

Price: €2.86
List Price: €3.01
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: €2.86
List Price: €3.01
Discount: €0.15 (5.00%)

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