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Psoriasis Recipe Tea by Maria Treben 100g

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Anti-psoriasis Tea by Maria Treben, 100g


The famous herbal mixture in psoriasis, seborrhea, neurodermatitis, dry skin

Quote from the book of Maria Treben:

" Health from the pharmacy of God ":

We believers in healing herbs from the pharmacy of God, know that he brings us help through the forest and field plants, cast in abundance at our feet.

There are different types of this distressing disease: The so-called red dandruff scabies, which is manifested in bright red distinctive spots, and another one in which the skin is covered as though with fish scales, and a third type - with cracked skin, thick as sole-leather, which cracks become deeper at evening times, open up and cause big distress to the person. To this is added an extraordinary intense itching, which is severe nervous burden to the patient. Daily skin excretes a sea of dandruff, which is showering down with every movement.

oak bark

greater celandine
willow bark
heath speedwell
common fumitory
walnut hard shell

Nicely mix the herbs. For 2 liters of water take 4 heaped tablespoons of the herb mixture, scald and allow three to five minutes to brew. Strain and squeeze nicely. Drink 1.5 to 2 litersof the tea in sips during thewholeday /on every half to one hour/. Every sip is taken immediately by the body and processed within it. Twice a day the skin should be smeared with grease or pure extra virgin olive oil. Much more beneficial is to prepare and use for smearing oil from the herb celandine , prepared in water bath: put 200ml qualitative olive oil with 50 g celandine herb over low heat for 30 min. Be sure to always supply water in the water bath, so that the oil should not burn. For the ointment you can also use mallow herb  /leaf and flower/. In addition to this are recommended baths with mallow and horsetail + added Geranium essential oil  /2-3 drops for 1 bath. To prepare bath for the whole body mix in equal proportions the herbs mallow and horsetail, total 200 g, pour the mixture into cold water and leave overnight. Strain and squeeze well. Pour the resulting liquid into the tub for baths. For one bath take 100 g of the two herbs; duration of the bath - 20 min (heart should be kept out of the water). Relieves itching and promotes healing. The baths should be made every day. If it is not possible for you every day, at least two-three times a week.
All these applications help in neurodermatitis as well.

Manufactured by: Herb  Ltd.

Price: €8.11
List Price: €8.54
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: €8.11
List Price: €8.54
Discount: €0.43 (5.00%)

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