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Propolis Tincture, 30%, 25ml

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Propolis Tincture, 30%, 25ml

Ingredients:Contains ethano,l propolis (propolis) - 30%. It is 30% propolis in aqueous alcoholic solution.

Dosage:Drink for prophylactic at springtime and autumn 30 drops dissolved in water or milk half an hour before meals, three times daily.

Application:In flu and cold propolis can be applied continuously. It enhances the action of antibiotics and other medicines. It is used also for the prophylactics in inflammatory diseases of the mucosa of the nose, the mouth and upper respiratory organs. Due to its regenerative, anesthetic and normalizing gastric secretion effect, the propolis tincture can be used for prophylactics in springtime and autumn, when usually ulcers and gastritis exacerbate. Partake as prophylactic against intestinal infections. In sore throat gargle with propolis tincture, dissolved in water.

Manufacturer:  Miroslav Balchev

Price: €3.90

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