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Propolis tincture 30% - 25ml
Administration and operation of  the tincture

The Propolis is  an extremely expensive bee product. To qualify a tincture is necessary under the standard to put 30% propolis in alcohol extract. When you try 30% alcohol extract of propolis, you will definitely feel the difference in a concentration and strength of quality products.
When is added a tincture in water to form a milky white solution, the characteristic is of the clay. You can compare two quality tinctures, such as drops in two cups of water from the two types of'  tinctures equal number of drops in the same amount of water.The saturation, the aroma and taste of the solution will show the quality of tincture.

Preparation: 30% alcoholic solution of propolis for inside and outside applications.
Packaging: Glass or plastic bottles with a capacity of 25 ml with a dropper.
Package of 25 ml. 30% alcohol solution is sufficient for about 20 days under the condition that the composition is administered once daily. The adoption of three bottles in autumn-winter and three in the spring and summer result in good levels of immune system especially against viral infections.

Application: Usually adults are advised to take prophylactic daily 30 drops of 30% alcohol solution (tincture ) dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water half an hour before meals. With a curative aim that amount is to be taken 2-3 times daily.

Children are recommended to consider prophylactic daily  drops tincture considering how old are they, drops in a glass of cool water or a juice or any other liquid that takes the child.The acceptance must be before food. With a therapeutic target the dose can be given 2-3 times a day.

Antibacterial activity of propolis (bee glue)

- Bacilus subtilis

- Bacillus de koch - TB

- Penibacilus larve larwe

- Staphylococcus aureus

- Streptococcus

- Streptomyces sobrinus, Sterptomyces mutans, Streptomyces cricetus

- Saccaromyces cerevisiae - brewer's yeast

- Escherichia coli

- Salmonella

- Shigella

- Giardia lamblia

- Klebsiella pneumonie

- Bacteroides nodosus - root rot

Antiviral activity of propolis (bee glue)

- Herpes

There is a clear  scientific evidence that medicinal products containing propolis have antiviral activity and destroy or reduce the activity of the herpes virus.

- Influenza

- Newcastle disease

- Potato virus

Hematocide action of propolis (bee glue)

- Ascaris suum - pigs

Antifungal activity of propolis (bee glue)

- Candida albicans

- Epidermophiton

- Microsporium

- Achorion scholeini

Antiprotozoal action of propolis (bee glue)

- Paramecium caudatum

- Stylonichia mithilis

- Amoeba limax

- Trichomonus vaginalis

Propolis protects from the sum, have an anticancer and antitumor action.

Pharmacological action of propolis (bee glue)

- Externally of purulent wounds and inflammation destroys the pathogenic microflora, and neutralizes toxins.

- Amend the cytological picture of the wound process

- Anti-inflammatory action

- Anabolic effect

- Waiver boleviya syndrome

- Anti-itching

Methods for medicinal use of propolis (bee glue)

- Oral

- External use

- Electrophoresis

- Ultrasound

- Aerosol method

- Thermal inhalation in a water bath with propolis and wax

- Propolis Wax-local heat applications

Price: €3.43

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