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PRANAROM, microalgae spirulina tablets x 200

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PRANAROM, microalgae spirulina tablets x 200

Micro-algae food supplement, rich in trace elements, which compensates for the deficiencies caused by today's fast-paced life and sometimes inadequate and unbalanced diet.

Suitable as a dietary supplement in growing children, pregnant and menopausal women, in the elderly, in those who want to maintain their youth and vitality. By athletes to increase endurance and to compensate for the lost substances during physical activity. In people undergoing weight loss diets. When restoring vitality after illness. In order to improve the status and glamor of the skin, nails and hair. Spirulina is extremely rich in proteins (60-70% of dry weight), B vitamins, beta-carotene, iron, selenium, minerals and alpha-linolenic acid.

Manufacturer: Pranarom, Belgium

Price: €45.98

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