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As a powerful broad-spectrum antibacterial, antiviral and immune stimulant, fungicide, Winter Savory Essential Oil is used to fight fungal and respiratory infections. As an aphrodisiac it is found in perfumes. Winter Savory oil excites sexual passion.

Winter Savory Essential Oil has been widely studied for its anti-infectious properties. It has not found the popularity of tea tree as it is a hot oil that will burn the skin. A carrier must be used when working with this oil. Winter Savorys ability to fight against pathogens is enormous. Higher in carvacrol than summer savory so use cautiously.

Common Name: Savory, Winter, Mountain Savory

Scientific Name: S. montana, Calamintha montana, S. obovata

Family Name: Lamiaceae(Mint)

Indigenous Country: Mediterranean

Country Of ProductionEurope, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Morocco

History: Used like Summer Savory as a culinary herb. Medicinally used as a digestive remedy.

Plant Description: A perennial shrub growing to 18inches high with linear leaves and purple flowers.

Parts Processed: Whole plant.

Processing Methods: Steam distilled

Color Range: Clear to light yellow.

Chemical Constituents: Class: Phenol. Up to 50% carvarol, 20% terpinene, 20% paracymene, linalool, terpeneol, borneol

Yin/Yang: Yang

Physical Uses: Used for fungal infections, psoriasis, insect bites, asthma, catarrh, sore throat, bronchial infections, flu, colds, all viral infections, diarrhea, flatulence, constipation, strengthening male sexual system. Used to warm, ease muscular aches and pains es

Mental Uses: I am able to recognize situations where I am set up to fail and I can chose not to participate. I am not motivated by guilt, but I am motivated out of making a contribution to you and myself no matter how that looks. I love myself.

Emotional Uses: Smothered, overwhelmed, possessed, defeated, trapped, unloved, not enough, not good enough TO free, love self, stable, free good about yourself in a relationship or not in a relationship, forgiving, at peace.

Spiritual Uses: Can indicate that you are having difficulty bringing love into your life. As a child you could have been the total focus of a parent or family. You came into the world to fulfill all their love needs. It was overwhelming, suffocating, and defeating. It wa

Applications: Only use highly diluted in massage and bath with proper fixed oil and supervision.

Warnings/Contraindications: No formal testing, avoid in pregnancy with infants and children, skin irritant, hepto toxic. in long term usage

Price: €10.89

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