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Petitgrain Mandarin Essential Oil is made from leaves and twigs of the Mandarin or Tangerine tree. It is used in perfumes and skin care products. Petitgrain Mandarin is a skin toner and cleanser. It is excellent for oily skin and acne. It can be used with in the bath and body wraps to detox.

There is s confusion over the terms Tangerine and Mandarin. Basically tangerine is an American term while mandarin is used in the rest of the world to describe the same fruit.

The American tangerine does seem to be larger and rounder than most European versions, and it seems to have a more delicate aroma than the European.

We are dealing with a population of trees that are easily cultivated creating a variety of cultivers. Now there are so many cultivars and differences in growing environments that does make a difference in chemical composition. I have found it helpful to look at country of origin and think of tangerine and mandarin to be the same while it is the location that makes the difference. The satsuma is a Japanese tangerine or mandarin.

Common Name:Petitgrain Mandarinier. Tangerine Petitgrain

Scientific NameCitrus reticulata blanco, C. r. mandarin

Family Name:Rutaceae (Rue)

Indigenous Country:Southeast Asia, India, naturalized throughout Mediterranean

Country Of Production:Egypt

History:These were the fruits given to Chinese mandarins as gifts hence the name mandarin, or mandarin could also come from the Arabic meaning looking like Easterns or having yellow faces.

Plant Description:An evergreen tree growing up to 20ft high with glossy leaves producing fragrant white flowers bearing green fruits turning to yellow when ripe.

Parts Processed               Leaves and twigs.

Processing Methods:Steam distilled.

Color Range:Light yellow to a little green.

Chemical Constituents:Class Ester. N-methyl-anthranilate, linalool, geraniol, citral, citronellol.


Physical Uses:Antispasmodic, cholagogue, cytophylactic, digestive, emollient, sedative, tonic (vascular). Used for stretch marks, scars, dry skin, oily skin, bronchitis, muscle spasms, stimulates appetite, PMS, depression, anxiety.

Mental Uses:Time to forgive and let go of any trauma in your childhood. Children naturally take on the thoughts and beliefs of their parents. Now is the time to think for yourself and let go of what is your parents and claim for yourself what you believe and think.

Emotional Uses:Repressed trauma from childhood, or judgments held in childhood that no longer are true but are rigidly held to, fear of clearing childhood issues as you will be too vulnerable TO openly and easily dealing with childhood issues and allowing the old ideas

Spiritual Uses:Can indicate that there is emotional trauma from childhood trapped in your energy field. You may have repressed or forgotten these memories. Petitgrain Mandarinier clears and stimulates the lower chakras especially the solar plexus, balances the nervous s

Applications:Aroma lamp, bath, diffusor, inhaler, light bulb ring, liquid candle, massage, mist spray, stream inhalation.

Warnings/Contraindications:No formal testing, avoid in pregnancy and with infants and children, appears nontoxic.

Price: €10.81

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