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Propolis unguent

Propolis ointment or propolis unguent is a product that vividly demonstrates the healing properties of propolis. Of virtually unlimited shelf life, with no special requirements for storage conditions, produced by pure natural propolis, manufactured by special technology, lanolin and vaseline, imported for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use, propolis ointment should always be available in any home medicine chest or car kit .

Contains 10% propolis, lanolin and vaseline. Colorless. Without added flavorings, preservatives, colorants, stabilizers.

Particularly suitable for the treatment of wounds, burns, fungal infections of the skin, microtraumas, fissures, cracks, hemorrhoids, varicose and decubitus wounds / together with surgical debridement /. When skillfully applied in combination with surgical treatment can be used successfully for the treatment of large wounds.

Can be used for prevention and treatment of fungal infections of the skin and nails. For this purpose, the ends of the cut nails must be treated with the ointment. Thus it blocks the entry of fungal spores in newly cut nails. In the process of treatment it should be applied on the adjacent skin.

Our clients successfully use it onthe face.

Do not use in children under 1 year as well as in evidence of allergy to propolis


Antibacterial activity of propolis

 - Bacilus subtilis

 - Bacillus de koch - TB

 - Penibacilus larve larwe

 - Staphylococcus aureus

 - Streptococcus

 - Streptomyces sobrinus, Sterptomyces mutans, Streptomyces cricetus

 - Saccaromyces cerevisiae - barm

 - Escherichia coli

 - Salmonella

 - Shigella

 - Giardia lamblia

 - Klebsiella pneumonie

 - Bacteroides nodosus - root rot

Antiviral activity of propolis

 - Herpes

There are definite scientific evidences that medicinal products containing propolis have antiviral effect and destroy or reduce the activity of the herpes virus.

 - Influenza

 - Newcastle disease

 - Potato virus

Hematocide effect of propolis

- Ascaris suum – in pigs

Antifungal effect of propolis

 - Candida albicans

 - Epidermophiton

 - Microsporium

 - Achorion scholeini

Antiprotozoal effect of propolis

 - Paramecium caudatum

 - Stylonichia mithilis

 - Amoeba limax

 - Trichomonus vaginalis

Propolis has sunscreen, anticancer and antitumor effect.

Pharmacological effect of propolis

 - Externally in purulent wounds and inflammations, destroys the pathogenic microflora and neutralizes toxins.

 - Changes the cytological view of the wound process

 - Anti-inflammatory effect

 - Anabolic effect

 - Removes syndrome of pain

 - Anti-itching

Methods for medicinal application of propolis

 - Oral

 - External use

 - Electrophoresis

 - Ultrasound

 - Aerosol method

 - Thermal inhalation in a water bath with propolis and wax

 - Propolis-wax local heat applications

Price: €3.33
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by Anna, 10 Jun 2015

Great product for all kind of skin problems. I have it allways with me.

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