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Oil For Sensitive Skin Type, Ikarov, 30ml

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  • Manufacturer: Ikarov
  • Weight: 0.150 Kgs
  • Code: 21225
Price: €3.36
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Oil For Sensitive Skin Type, Ikarov, 30ml

The base oil is a mixture of almond and avocado oils which are best accepted by human skin. These oils are commonly used for sensitive and allergic skin types in cosmetics. They soothe and strengthen the protective functions. The essential oils of rose, nerouli (orange blooms), camomile and lavender, dissolved in the base, are with a strong soothing, regenerating and antiseptic action. The oil keeps the face fresh, soothes and leaves a feeling of comfort.

Manufactured by: Ikarov Ltd.

Price: €3.36

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