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Lemon Oil broad

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Lemon oil
10 ml
Oleum Limonis

Aroma: fresh, citrus
Volatility: High
Action: disinfects, refreshes, limiting the spread of infection through the air, antiseptic, diuretic, lowers blood pressure, stimulates circulation, digestion, immune system, lowers the temperature, anti-inflammatory, bake, anti whitens skin and teeth.
Indications: colds, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, fever, headache, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, sluggish bowel, oily and dirty skin, cellulitis, infected wounds, frostbite, fungal skin, boils, warts, freckles, spots on the skin , brittle nails, dandruff, anemia, nausea, insect bites.
Contra: for epileptics, hypotensive, with chemotherapy, nursing mothers, pregnant women and children, and people with individual intolerance to lemon.
Internal - under medical supervision!
Usage: lamp, air freshener, bath, massage.

Manufactured by: Rosa Damascena – Karlovo

Price: €2.15

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