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Lavena, Operation Clean Hands - antibacterial gel, 75 ml

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  • Manufacturer: Lavena
  • Weight: 0.130 Kgs
  • Code: l02655
Price: €2.77

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Lavena, Operation Clean Hands - antibacterial gel, 75 ml

gel hand clean

• Cleans hands without water
• Suitable for adults and children over 3 years
• Evaporates completely for about 60 sec., Without leaving marks on the skin
• Act softening and refreshing thanks to the essential oil of peppermint.
• Contains 70% ethanol
• In convenient to carry and use tube
• Suitable for:
- Travel
- Walking outdoors
- Tourism
- Sport,
Hand hygiene is one of the best preventative measures a variety of viral and infectious diseases. Medical studies have shown that about
80% of infections are spread by hands. Disinfection is a much more reliable way of water and plain soap they can be neutralized.
Disinfectant antibacterial gel Operation Clean Hands destroys 99.99% of all disease-causing bacteria on the hands. Designed for frequent use, the gel combines the advantages of a professional medical disinfectant and cosmetics, using aggressive skin disinfectants.
Manufacturer: Lavena AD

Price: €2.77

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