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Kidney stones Tincture 50 ml - Prof. Lambrev Recipe - kidney inflammation, cystitis by HERB TM

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Kidney stones remedy by Prof. Lambrev, HERB TM Tincture 50 ml

Species Diureticae - Tincture 50ml

Favorable for the genitourinary system. Diuretic. It may be included in the diet in chronic kidney disease, chronic renal failure, kidney stones, cystitis.

Composition:1ml 1ml contains tincture 1: 5, equivalent to 250 mg of total

Herbs: Fol. Uvae-ursi (bearberry leaves), Fol. Betulae (birch leaves), Hb. Equiseti (stalks of horsetail), Fl. Crataegi (color Hawthorn), Stip. Visci albi, (Handles mistletoe), Sem. Lini (linseed), Rad. Valerianae (roots valerian), Rad. Inulae (roots elecampane), Sem. Cannabis (seeds hemp), Rad. Ononidis (roots harrow), Rad. Althaeae (roots hollyhock), Rad. Absinthii (roots of wormwood), Rad. Rubiae (madder roots), Rad. Rhei (roots of rhubarb), Hb. Solidaginis (stalks of goldenrod yellow), Stip. Cerasorum (handles cherry). 1ml aliquots contained in 19 mg of each herb recipe. Ethanol 66% vol. / Vol.

 Usage: Oral - 30 drops (1.2 ml.) To 3 times daily, 10-15 min. Before a meal in 100 ml of water.

Content of a daily dose: 900 mg Species Diureticae - Lambrev.

Contents of each herb in a daily dose: 57 mg.

Food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of 3,6ml.

Should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women and persons under 18 years. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep sight of children.

Price: €5.49
List Price: €5.78
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: €5.49
List Price: €5.78
Discount: €0.29 (5.00%)

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