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Jojoba Oil, Ikarov, 30ml

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  • Manufacturer: Ikarov
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Jojoba Oil, Ikarov, 30ml

Jojoba oil is unique in the whole plant world; practically it is liquid wax. It consists mainly of higher fatty acids bound to higher alcohols. Practically it doesn't go rancid. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed by all skin types including greasy skin. Applied to the skin jojoba oil forms a thin layer, invisible to the eye, which nourishes the skin and prevents it against environmental factors without affecting its normal, vital processes.

The skin oiling, caused by jojoba, which is not only surface but penetrating deep into the skin regulates the fatty secretion of the skin. It causes neither irritation nor allergic reactions and therefore jojoba oil is frequently used in the preparation of skin cleansing emulsions. If added to ready cosmetic products jojoba oil considerably extends their expiring period.

It restores the softness and suppleness of chapped and sore lips. It gives shine, volume and elasticity to hair due to which it is frequently used in products for hair care. Several drops of the oil on the comb while combing prevent tangling, have antistatic effect and help hair styling.

Manufactured by: Ikarov Ltd.




Price: €5.00

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