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Incense Sticks, Lilac, 20pcs

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  • Manufacturer: Hem India
  • Weight: 0.100 Kgs
  • Code: 776
Price: €1.50

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Incense Sticks,Lilac,20pcs

Package:20 pcs. incense sticks.

Wide variety of flavors.

You can change the atmosphere at your working place, at home, or create a romantic environment. Suitable for neutralizing unpleasant odors or cigarette smoke, for purifying the atmosphere. Ignite, extinguish the flame with a slight wave and leave the stick to smolder for 5 to 10 minutes. To stifle it, soak the smoldering end in a drop of water. About half to one centimeter is sufficient to flavor an medium sized room.

To chase away mosquitoes in a room leave the stick to smolder for 10 minutes. To chase mosquitoes in outdoor space few constantly smoldering incense are required around the place, for instance the balcony.

Manufacturer:HEM - India 

Price: €1.50

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