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Herbs, Shampoo Oily Scalp, Against Seborrhea, 200ml

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  • Manufacturer: Bilka
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Herbs, shampoo oily scalp, against seborrhea, 200 ml

Regulates sebum secretion of the scalp in depth;
Gently adherent greasy dandruff flakes;
Soft washed and soothe scalp itching and inflammation;
Acts to 5 regular hair washing! Suitable for men and women with oily scalp and seborrhea.

Healing formula shampoo is based on:
- Lactate lactic acid and vitamin B5, which reduce excess sebum from the scalp and soothe;
- Extract from medicinal herbs calendula, oak bark, rowan, rosemary and myrtle with antifungal and antiseptic action
- Class surfactants (gentle cleansing ingredients) and conditioner for volume and shine;
- Mint, which tones the scalp and strengthens the action of the active ingredients.

Use: hair and scalp are massaged with the applied shampoo for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Recommendation:It is recommended the ideal washing because the hair remnants of shampoo might cause oily scalp!

200 ml.

Price: €2.28

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