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Herbs Hair Tonic Against Hair Loss, 200ml

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Herbs, hair tonic against hair loss, 200 ml

Tonic for healthy hair against hair loss

It nourishes the hair in depth and stops hair loss
Revitalizes hair and revitalize the scalp maximum
Gives volume and shiny hair 100%

The extremely effective against hair loss formula is based on many recipes of traditional medicine with herbs and revitalizing hair vitamins which  heal, stimulate growth and prevent the harmful effects of the deteriorating environment.

Tonic include:
- Extract of medicinal herbs nettle, birch leaves and walnut leaves, which fully heal the hair bulb and stimulate the growth of new healthy hair.
- Vitamin C that stimulates hair growth and has anti-inflammatory action of the scalp against dryness and itching after using the shampoo. Gives hair softness and ultra shine.
- Vitamin PP - super conditioner that saturates the hair and scalp with intense moisture and makes the hair stronger and healthier. Assist the styling
- Menthol - strong tones feeding the hair follicles in the scalp and is a major factor in the growth of new hair.
- Silicone - forms a protective film around the hair and so keep the necessary level of moisture in the hair and provides protection against the harmful effects of the environment. Gives volume and shine.

Use: Apply on dry or  dried hair after washing and massage the roots for 3-5 minutes with light circular movements. Allow to dry.
It is good to combine with shampoo in the same series - Shampoo for healthy hair against hair loss. Result: Healthy hair glossy, protected by hair loss! Recommended in damaged hair affected by hair loss and stimulate the growth of new healthy hair in the absence of the vitality of the hair.

250 ml.

Price: €2.11

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