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Grape Seed Oil, Ikarov, 55ml

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  • Manufacturer: Ikarov
  • Weight: 0.150 Kgs
  • Code: i03511
Price: €1.27

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Grape Seed Oil, Ikarov, 55ml

This oil consists of 70% nezamenimi fatty acids which are easily accepted by skin, they also combine and retain moisture. It contains the strongest antioxidant known to science. Grape seed oil has the ability of regulating the process of skin greasing and therefore it is one of the few oils suitable for greasy and mixed skin types. It tightens but doesn't block the pores. With dry skin it can be mixed with other supporting oils. Grape seed oil helps the fast restoration of skin integrity that's why it is good for wounds, burns, skin chafing. Its usage in cosmetics widens.

Manufactured by: Ikarov Ltd.



Price: €1.27

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