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Customer care

Herb Ltd has a License 4007 for selling medicines, herbs, and food supplements online issued by the Executive Agency on Medicines, which is a controlling health  providing security to customers who buy medicines, supplements and herbs through legitimate companies selling online.

When will my package be delivered ?

International shipments with DPD CLASSIC reach their destination inEurope within5 to 7 working days. The  deliveries are made during regularworking hours on working days (Monday to Friday).

 What happens if the recipient is not found ?

 We will make three attmpts to deliver  your parcel . If the recipient is not found during the first visit , our courier will leave a message in therecepient’sletterbox . Then a second visit of the DPD courier can be arranged on another day.. If the recipient does not contact DPD to arrange a third visitwithin 7 days after the second visit, DPD will return the shipment to the sender.

 How can I check where my shipment is? What is " tracking " ?

Each package is given an individual number(DPD label) . With this number you can track your package at the following  web site: .

 Can I get a shipment  delivered to amailbox (without street №)?

 It is not possible to deliver ashipment  to amailbox.

 My shipment has not arrived . What should I do ?

 In the event that your shipment has not been delivered within the period stated by DPD, please contact your depot. We will investigate the reason for the delay and take immediate measures  to arrange the delivery.  

What should I do if the shipment arrives damaged?

 Please , inform your depot. Save the package contents , the packaging and the accompanying documents of the shipment (invoice , packing list, etc. . ) .