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Ex bruise Express cream altervet, 15g

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Ex bruise Express cream altervet, 15g
Ex bruise cream contains a unique component - Bootleg gasoline-freshwater sponge-algae.
Contents: gasoline, freshwater sponges, algae.
Action: absorbing bruises on the neck, neck, face and body, soft and tender places and inflamed pustules on the face and body hair, acne, whitening pigmentation after pregnancy, removes dark circles around the eyes, quickly remove the hematoma after intravenous and intramuscular injection, wax and injury only helps in the treatment of herpes.
Using:. For topical cream was applied 5 times per day with a thin layer on the skin. Efekasnostta cream depends on the time elapsed immediately after the impact.
Manufacturer: Georg Biosystems, LLC - Ukraine
Price: €6.42

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