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Dr. Schüssler Salt 9 Natrium Phosphoricum D6 x 80

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  • Manufacturer: Bioherba R
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Dr. Schüssler Salt 9 Natrium Phosphoricum D6 x 80

Description: The salt of metabolism and acids.

Action: Natrium phosphoricum is the salt, which regulates the acid-base balance in the body and is suitable for  treatment of acids (Dr. Schüssler „soda“). Accelerates metabolism, improves the function of the urinary system, takes out excess fluid from the cell. It is suitable to treat heartburn, gastro-intestinal complaints, stomach cramps associated with eating fatty foods, obesity.

How to use: Allow the tablets to slowly melt in the mouth. If necessary dissolve in a little water. Take 15-30 minutes before meal.


Price: €5.09

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