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Coconut Oil, Super Food, Nature's Way, 474 ml

Packing: 474 ml/62% MCT fatty acids 
FOOD for hair, skin, nails
1 teaspoon a day - for radiant skin and hair
Pure, organic coconut oil for internal and external use.
Particularly appropriate and useful for cooking, in losing weight and for beautiful skin, hair, nails.

Application: 1.As  a supplement - dietary oil in weight loss programs and phisycal exercises. 2.For skin and hair. 3.For cooking (instead of butter, margarine, cooking oil and fat) - baking or frying to 180 ° C.

Dosage: As an addition - in 1-4 tablespoons daily. As a moisturizing lotion to the skin - put the jar in warm water to liquefy, then with massage movements  rub into the skin.For hair - conditioner, place the jar in warm water to liquefy and rub 1-2 tablespoons,1-2 hours before you wash it.

Manufacturer: Nature's Way products, Inc, USA

Recommended daily dose: 1-4 tablespoons

Side effects: None 

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the dry core (endosperm) of ripe coconuts. Pure natural coconut oil is derived from coconut milk, extracted from moist coconut endosperm by gentle heating namely does not use a high temperature. Coconut oil is rich in short-and medium-chain fatty acids, which makes it unique. Near its composition is a palm oil. Coconut oil contains 92% saturated fatty acids, of which 15% saturated fat, and a short-medium chain (C6, C8, C10), 48.2% lauric acid (C12). The only unsaturated acids are a 2.5% linoleic acid and 6% oleic acid. It is the low content of unsaturated acids protect the oil from oxidation and rancidity. Medium-chain fatty acids are digested more rapidly and more completely in the stomach and small intestine as compared to long chain. The hydrolysis products of medium-chain fatty acids are absorbed in the digestive tract almost as fast as glucose and transported directly to the liver where it is oxidized rapidly and emit energy as they enter easily into the mitochondria, unlike long-chain fatty acids, which require a carrier  molecular structure makes it easy to absorb by the skin, and gives softness and smoothness. This makes a wonderful remedy for dry, rough and wrinkled skin. Pure unrefined oil is high in antioxidants that penetrate deep into the base fabric of the skin and protect against free radicals that affect its elasticity. Regular use prevents skin from the appearance of unpleasant spots and shadows appearing with the age or an excessive exposure to sunlight. Therefore, this oil is known as the best natural oil for skin. Among other things, it is easily accessible and not too expensive. The wonderful aroma and the feel of use of pure coconut oil is irreplaceable.

Price: €26.69
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by Επισκέπτης, 25 May 2015

there must be a mistake on the price..check it.. Hello, there is no mustake - coconut, especialy organic cost a lot, but healt cost this money. Best wishes

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