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/Collecting wooden instrument without touching iron /

Action: The gray clay is one of the rarest. It has moisturizing and toning properties. Suitable for dehydrated, dry, delicate and sensitive skin, softens and restores shine for her dry hair. Removes dandruff.
* For imposing enjoy the recipe below.
* For hair mask is made ​​of thick liquid that is put on the hair, wrap with plastic and a towel for 15-20 minutes Rinse thoroughly with water.

External - Imposition of clay

Using cley for outdoor use provides extremely fast results. Healers clay say there is no drug that comes close to it in performance.

Put cley to a clean non-metallic container - glass, porcelain or enameled / never touches cley with metal /. Pour fresh clean type as you cover and let stand to absorb moisture until the tender. Water is poured into another container and make up if needed. With hands or wooden spoon squashed cubes until a dense homogeneous mass density mastiks / type gum /. Clay is made by hand or with a wooden spoon on a piece of linen or cotton cloth could cheesecloth. The layer should be 1-2 cm in width: greater than the affected area. Compression put on the spot, secured with cotton cloth or bandage to the place of application. The treated must lie in bed and pulled the blanket up to 2 to 3 hours. Once the pack is removed, place rinsed thoroughly with water. Folk healers recommend using clay necessarily going deep into the ground with the words, "Mother Earth accept my illness and give me health."
 If the first pack is not sufficient to impose clay can be done every day to cure. Cley not heated!

Internal - Adoption of clay

The internalization of the clay gives a beautiful result in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, gout, atherosclerosis, dabe, skin diseases, diseases of the blood, liver, gall bladder, kidney, with cataracts, glaucoma, and other diseases. Humata helps to extract toxins from the body. According to the needs of the organism Humata is administered in a dose of 1 teaspoon has 200 ml of water at room temperature / no heat /.

** If you have colored hair, avoid doing a clay mask because its active ingredients wash color.

Price: €2.22
List Price: €2.34
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: €2.22
List Price: €2.34
Discount: €0.12 (5.00%)

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