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Cedar oil broad

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Cedar oil
10 ml
Oleum Ligni cedri

Fragrance: woody fresh, sweet, warm, soft
Volatility: Low
Effect: improves the respiratory organs, stimulate blood circulation, acting antitussive and expectorant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory in cystitis, antiseptic, diuretic, improves digestion, boosts mental activity stimulates the immune system, regenerates and soothes the skin, aphrodisiac, deodorizes and kills bacteria.
Indications: Bronchitis, cough, pneumonia, cystitis, urethritis, inflammation of the joints, rheumatism, acne, neurodermatitis, eczema, fungus, skin irritation, sweating, seborrhea, hair loss, bad odor in the premises chases mosquitoes and moths, bedbugs and rats.
Contra: for epileptics, hypertensive patients, nursing mothers, pregnant women and children as well as people with individual intolerance cedar oil. Not be taken on an empty stomach and nervous exhaustion. Incompatible with alcohol. In high concentrations irritates and inflames the skin! Internal - under medical supervision!
Usage: lamp, air freshener, bath, massage.

Manufactured by: Rosa Damascena – Karlovo

Price: €3.22

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