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Calcium, Tablets X 60, 600mg

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  • Manufacturer: Bora 1001
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Calcium, Tablets X 60, 600mg

One of the main minerals in the human body is calcium, which plays a key role in building strong bones and teeth. It is essential for muscle and heart function. Possesses antiallergic action and participate in the clotting process. During pregnancy and lactation the need for calcium increases. One of the most insidious diseases, osteoporosis can occur with prolonged calcium deficiency.

Application: suitable for people at increased risk of developing osteoporosis (adult women during menopause and after gynecological operations) had a positive effect on the nervous system and the regulation of neuromuscular balance suitable for children during rapid growth, pregnancy and lactation, during the healing period and increased physical activity.

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Bora 1001

Price: €7.96

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