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BLUTWURZ, TORMENTILL ROOT CUT Potentilla erecta, root 100g

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  • Manufacturer: Herb Ltd
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Blutwurz, Tormentill, Root, 100g

Potentilla erecta (L.)

Applications: Rhizome is used as astringent and styptic agent. Applicable in nosebleeds and uterus, in hemorrhoids. The herb is recommended in inflammation of stomach and bowel, ulcers, gastritis with reduced acidity of the gastric juice, in diarrhea. In liver disease, inflammation of the eyes, in neuralgia and neuritis. Externally it is used in wetting eczema, burns, wounds, bruises with bleeding, hemorrhoids, vaginal discharge in women.

Effect: Astringent, styptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic.

Directions: *Internally – boil 2 tablespoons rhizome for 20 minutes in 500 ml of water, filter and partake 6-8 tablespoons daily. *Externally – boil 30 g of the  herb for 10 minutes with 500ml water. Filter and use for poultices, etc.

Manufactured by: Herb Ltd.

Price: €4.13
List Price: €4.35
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: €4.13
List Price: €4.35
Discount: €0.22 (5.00%)

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