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Bach Rescue mixture drops, Rescue Remedy, 10 ml

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Bach Rescue mixture drops, Rescue Remedy, 10 ml

Emergency-Rescue Remedy drops ambulance.

Ready mixture for use in an original combination of flowers applied as a means of emergency in all cases: physical and psychological shock to unexpected financial problems in the family in domestic dispute in fear after attack conditions in all cases of sudden physical or mental shock loss of consciousness when working in a stressful environment in fear of visiting the dentist under very stressful news before and after surgery and in all situations of acute anxiety and fear. RescueRemedy can successfully eliminate nervousness and anxiety before an exam job interview, an important meeting or public appearance sports competitions, help sharpen the mind and strengthening the concentration.

The combination is carefully prepared with organic French brandy (40% alcohol) of subtle energies of five carefully selected plants: Wild plum (Cherry Plum) Clematis (Clematis) Impatiens (Impatiens) Rock Rose (Rock Rose) Star of Bethlehem (Star of Bethlehem). Using Emergency drops before bedtime (internal or dissolved in the bath) after a busy day is an effective tool that helps us to achieve total relaxation and comfort and to cope with insomnia. Appropriate safe alternative means to soothe the children. Emergency Rescue Remedy drops absolutely harmless. There are no side effects and contraindications. Can be used for all ages, pregnant and nursing mothers. Act as an energy level, there is no risk of adverse drug interactions when co-administered with other drugs. Dosage: the 4-times daily 4-5 drops in a little water (morning, noon, afternoon and just before sleep) If necessary, take your daily may be at frequent intervals 10-15 minutes and then switch to the crisis and get relief diluted doses. If you do not have water or other liquid may be stained under the tongue! Shelf life 10 years!

Manufacturer: Healing Herbs - England

Price: €14.13

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