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Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil, Cypress, Ikarov, 125ml

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  • Manufacturer: Ikarov
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Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil, Cypress, Ikarov, 125ml

Massage oil 'Cypress' is quickly absorbed by the skin making it supple and soft without being oily. The base oil mixture of almond and safflower oils is a balanced combination of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. To this base are dissolved cypress, lemon, rosemary and juniperberry essential oils. The fresh cypress scent brings a pleasant feel of relax and recreation.

How to massage: Here are some general rules to bear in mind when making a massage of the whole body or parts of it.

start with light and stroking motions to prepare the body for the massage.

Then you can make the motions stronger but nor rude.

Start from the lower parts of the body and go to the upper parts, massaging first the front and then the back side of each area.

Massage with strong motions from down to upwards and with light, stroking motions from up to down.

Massage first the toes, toe pads and feet because all the internal organs are projected over them. Massaging their reflect points improves their general activities. This is a good start.

All above rules are valid for anti-cellulite massage too but there are some peculiarities.

start from the calf with a gentle massage.

The essential massage follows the sequence: back side of the thighs, then their inner side, buttocks and hip.

The front side of thighs and tummy follows. If it is necessary massage the upper inner area of arms.

Start with stroking and rubbing motions, then squeeze and apply pressure with the palms, clutch and pinch with fingers; apply circular massaging in one or other direction.

Duration of each of these motions is different and depends on each individual case.

Manufactured by: Ikarov Ltd.



Price: €5.83

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