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Alzeda Gel Anti Dandruff, 100ml

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  • Manufacturer: Zeda Ltd
  • Weight: 0.200 Kgs
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Price: €4.80

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Alzeda Gel Anti Dandruff, 100ml

Gel  with anti-dandruff action. Prevents the investigation of the development of the cause of Dandruff Pityrosporum ovale.

Ingredients: chamomile oil, selenium disulphide.

Chamomile soothes irritated and inflamed scalp. There is a softening and anti-inflammatory action.

Selenium disulphide restores damaged sulfide bonds in the protein of the scalp and provides effective control agent of dandruff - Pityrosporum ovale.

Action: removes dandruff.

Cosmetic form: selected cosmetic gel form allows for easy application on the scalp and avoid unpleasant feelings of slumping and greasy hair. The gel does not impose restrictions on the use of other cosmetic products used by the user. It does not change the appearance of the hair (dry, oily, loss of gloss, etc.). The gel may remain on the scalp, providing enough contact time and impact of the active ingredients.

Result: After 3-4 coats visible results.

Focus: Designed specifically for the removal of dandruff without other cosmetic effects.

Method of use: The use of the product is carried out in two stages:

Intensive phase: After each wash the hair using fingers Deposit 10ml. of the product in the roots of the wet hair. The gel is washed away and does not change the appearance of your hair - do not stain, oily or dry and remains invisible until the next wash.
Maintenance phase: To ensure the long-term effect to be used 2-3 times a month after washing hair.

Attention: This product does not restrict the use of other cosmetics that are applied to the hair.

Manufacturer: Zeda Ltd.

Price: €4.80

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