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Almond Oil, Ikarov, 55ml

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  • Manufacturer: Ikarov
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Price: €2.83

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Almond Oil, Ikarov, 55ml

Almond oil is classical skin oil. It is well-absorbed by skin and is suitable for each skin type and age. Its fatty composition is closest to human one and due to its beneficial influence on skin is called 'skin oil'.

Almond oil is the most frequently used oil in cosmetics and also as a base oil in aromatherapy. Almond oil is easily absorbed by skin and soothes, softens and evens it. It is not accidentally that since ancient time it has been used as massage oil for babies and young children. Its effect on dry, sensitive, scurfy and aging skin is very good.

Almond oil is described in all Pharmacopoeia and is widely used in Medicine. It doesn't cause allergic reactions and doesn't irritate skin. Almond oil is at the top among the most powerful natural stimulators for hair growth and hair strengthening. It nourishes its roots, stimulates its growth and makes it shining and resilient. Almond oil is very good for body massage too.

Manufactured by: Ikarov Ltd.


Price: €2.83

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