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Algopix, Shampoo, 200ml

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  • Manufacturer: Medica
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Algopix, Shampoo, 200ml

Ingredients: 100g shampoo contain: drugs - Green microalgae ethanol extract - 3,000 g, Salicylic acid - 1,000 g, Juniperi Tar - 0,500 g, excipients: gel base, sodium chloride, essence "Algopix" drinking water.

Action: The shampoo Algopix has a complex effect on damaged skin areas, largely driven inflammation and stimulating regenerative processes in them. Removes peels and regulates secretion of the sebaceous glands. Alcoholic extracts from green algae have very high content of biologically active substances and has a diverse and beneficial (toning and nourishing) effect on the skin, combined with anti-inflammatory activity.The salicylic acid  slowly melts and acts painless for the removal of skin flakes, and thickened parts,as mechanically remove bacteria and fungi. It acts anti-inflammatory.The Juniper tar has an additional anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect on the skin and helps it to be clean, healing and normal circulation.

Application: as an auxiliary therapeutic and prophylactic agent for oily and dry seborrhea in the complex treatment of seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis vulgaris of the scalp involvement.

Contraindications: The shampoo should not be applied in case of hypersensitivity (allergy) to its ingredients.

Special precautions for use: The Shampoo "Algopix" should not be used on broken skin, mucous membranes, oral cavity or eyes.In plenty contamination of eyes with shampoo can be observed lacrimation, conjunctival redness and burning.

The appearance of skin redness after applying shampoo, itching or burning sensation is necessary to discontinue the use and seek medical advice as it is possible that these symptoms are an allergic reaction. The shampoo can be used only on the scalp. Suitable for patients with psoriasis affecting the scalp with single, small and slight plates.

To be used with a caution by people suffering from an asthma as it contains salicylic acid.

Avoid exposure to sunlight up to 24 hours after use of Algopix.

Interactions: May be applied concomitantly with other medicinal products for topical application (including corticosteroids). Should not be used concurrently with cosmetics that strongly dry skin during UV - therapy.

Warning: Algopix can lead to changes in hair color in people with bright, bleached or dyed hair (contains juniper tar). Do not use in children, as there is no evidence for the efficacy and safety of its use. It is recommended that the shampoo is not used during pregnancy and lactating.Although the contact time between the drug substance and the skin is very short, it is possible a systemic absorption through the skin of the head and the occurrence of systemic effects, particularly by salicylic acid.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines. Can be used by drivers and people working with machines.

Dosage and application: 15-20 g shampoo (1-2 tablespoons) is applied to pre-wet hair and massage to achieve complete coverage of the hair and scalp with a foam. The applied shampoo leave for 5-10 minutes, with the purpose of better penetration of the skin layers, and then rinsed thoroughly with water.

It is recommended to use three times the shampoo for 1-2 weeks, after achieving a therapeutic effect on the frequency of application is once every 1-2 weeks in order to avoid relapse. The frequency of use and duration of treatment is dependent on the type of disease, and its severity is to be determined by the doctor.

Overdose: An overdose in the proper use of the product is impossible.In accidental ingestion may be observed  a hard salivation, nausea, vomiting. In these cases it is necessary to perform a thorough washing of the mouth and the stomach and, if necessary,to be applied symptomatic agents. Accidental or inadvertent application of Algopix over vast areas of the body are possible manifestations of systemic effects - headache, dizziness, tinnitus. In each of these cases, and especially in the persistence of the above symptoms should contact a doctor for advice.

Side effects: shampoo Algopix is very well tolerated and the side effects associated with its use are rare. There may be observed redness, itching, burning in the place of application. The prolong use of the shampoo may result in the excessive skin drying.

If there any of the side effects or other adverse events during the treatment with Algopix, you need to consult your doctor.

Manufacturer: Medika AD

Price: €2.95

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