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About Us

HERB TM - Bulk Herb Store

Tea & Herbal Remedies

Herb Ltd is a European wholesale producer  and a trader of herbs, teas, cosmetique and herbal products. Since 2013 we offer also in retail  high-qualities herbs, both from Europe and from Asia, Africa and America. We use traditional and environmental friendly methods for preparing herbs, drying and cutting. In this way we preserve the quality, flavor and color of the herbs to satisfy you - our customers.
Our herbal teas and healing herbal teas do not contain artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives. To flavor certain teas  are used natural aromatic seeds, barks  and other completely natural herbs such as cinnamon, cardamom, rose, clove ets.


We are certified online pharmacy:
license N 4007/European Union.
The pharmacy GPhC registration number is: 4007/2007
Superintendent Pharmacist: MPharm Yonka Dimitrova
Registration Number: 4007 Bulgarian Drug Agency


Hello, my name is Anna Ilieva and I am a Manager of Herb LTD.

I want to assure you that our team has only one mission - to have your satisfaction as our customers. We are always glad to meet you and share with you the richness of herbs and health products through our web site
Me and HERB TM team take care of optimizing the quality of order execution and delivery. 
We will be happy to hear your specific requirements and feedback.
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